A Turnkey Solution to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Business Risk

The definition of “your people” has changed and so have your recruiting options.

Increasingly, companies are finding business success is better achieved with a combination of full-time permanent positions plus the temporary support of nonemployees hired on an as-needed basis. These can be in the form of independent contractors, freelancers, part-time workers, temporary or on-call workers, interns, and any other type of work arrangement that fits the situation. By rethinking people strategies, your company gains more flexibility and freedom in recruiting, and at the same time provides more of the work-life balance and independence today’s employees want and need.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

We’re living and working in an era of change and uncertainty, and no one knows how long it will last. Sometimes you’ll hire and expand, sometimes you’ll contract. But in each case, you need to consider a range of talent options to withstand fluctuations in about everything related to your business. TalenTrust’s turnkey solution is designed to meet current needs as well as provide continued support in incorporating “the gig economy” into your recruiting and retention strategies.

Alleviates burnout and avoids layoffs of regular staff

Meets fluctuating labor demands for seasonal work and project-based assignments

Solves the need to fill new critical positions quickly and cost effectively

Reduces recruiting, fixed payroll costs, and overhead

Provides a trial period before making long-term commitments

Limits the risk of exposure to workers comp and insurance claims and associated fines and taxes