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Lifecycle Biotechnologies


I can trust TalenTrust to manage a thorough process extremely well and provide a variety of candidates that fit my culture. TalenTrust operates with integrity and maximizes my time, so I can focus on the right things in my business. Working with TalenTrust is not just about recruiting; it is about an open partnership and a great relationship. TalenTrust helped me improve my culture and then recruit the right people for my culture. I needed a true partner whom I could fully offload my recruiting process to and know it was going to get done right – this was TalenTrust.

The Problem

In 2018, we were growing so fast and needed to recruit a lot of people. We also wanted to grow in the right way and that meant having an exceptional recruiting and selection process in place to find and hire the right people. We did not want to build our recruiting function internally and preferred an outside partner for greater scalability. Outsourcing works well for us because it allows us to “turn it all over” to a partner who provides a “turnkey solution.” This way, we can offload important functions to a trusted partner so we can focus on the right things. We have worked with contingent recruiters in the past and have had poor experiences. I don’t like working with recruiters generally and have not enjoyed my interactions with others in the past, but TalenTrust was very different. I have found that contingent recruiters often place the same candidates multiple times throughout their career, and as a result, don’t have my best interests at heart. TalenTrust guaranteed they would not recruit my people away and their model was completely different from traditional third-party recruiters.

The Results

I was surprised by the variety of candidates TalenTrust brought and how thorough and helpful they were in managing the process with me and for me. I was used to recruiters just sending me a resume and nothing else – TalenTrust was completely involved and the complete process was managed in the right way, and I didn’t have to be more involved than necessary. We have made some great hires with TalenTrust. I know how to hire properly for my culture, and I know what my culture is as a result of the work I did with TalenTrust

How TalenTrust Helped

"TalenTrust brought an integrated approach. It is not just about recruiting, but it is about the full process and finding great candidates who fit our culture and making the right hiring decisions. The monthly subscription model was key to my decision to work with TalenTrust. It was a reasonable and predictable cost that allowed TalenTrust to deliver a thorough process and great hires."

- Cody Yarborough, President of Lifecyle Biotechnologies

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