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NPW Contracting

Helen Madden-Weis, President of NPW Contracting says “the TalenTrust team has been phenomenal at finding us some great people and has been great to work with. They follow-up with me persistently and keep me and the process on track.” NPW Contracting has benefitted from TalenTrust’s recruiting process which includes strong initial screening by a team of skilled recruiters and a unique process designed to appropriately assess fit. “The TalenTrust process offers us an objective viewpoint for each candidate which helps us make good decisions and saves us a great deal of time.”

The Challenge:

NPW Contracting was experiencing explosive growth and had an enormous need to increase staff with the right talent to support growth. “We had some failed hiring efforts in the past and learned we needed a better process. We made decisions too fast, and those hires did not turn out well. TalenTrust helped us fix this issue and taught us how to hire great people.”  says Helen Madden-Weis, President of NPW Contracting.

The construction industry also faces challenges related to supply of workers and high demand for their skills.  “TalenTrust has been able to overcome the supply and demand problems in my industry.” says Helen. NPW struggled for years by posting job ads and depending upon candidates to apply with little success. NPW recognized they did not have the network or the tools to recruit effectively.

The Results:

“The TalenTrust team helped me get fully staffed which was critical to my ability to meet project deadlines,” says Helen. For many hourly positions, NPW used temporary staffing services which caused higher turnover and a lack of commitment on both sides. “TalenTrust is really good about selling our organization and our culture in the market. As a result, candidates come in more committed to our team, they talk about having a family at work and are able to enjoy the work even when it is difficult. We see much more longevity and better attitudes out of our team because of TalenTrust.” Because of TalenTrust's efforts to help NPW get fully staffed, they were able to 3x their revenue goals.


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