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Spear Physical Therapy


Spear Physical Therapy is a nationally recognized physical therapy practice focused on providing their patients with a distinctly personalized experience that achieves extraordinary results. Spear has seen accelerated growth over the past five years. With increasing patient demand due to their superior patient experience, Spear was struggling to hire enough staff to keep up with demand and knew that they needed to revamp their talent acquisition processes.

The Challenge:

In order to achieve their growth potential, Spear needed to hire physical therapists and they needed to hire them quickly. Their goal was to fill their open roles as efficiently as possible to continue to provide excellent service to their patients. Spear CEO and Co-Founder Dan Rootenberg had heard of TalenTrust’s services through Founder and CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw. “He highly recommended us reaching out to TalenTrust and we were super impressed with our initial conversation and the framework and philosophy that [TalenTrust] had.” says Spear COO Ryan Kitzen. Spear began the process of a Talent Acquisition Audit with the TalenTrust team. TalenTrust conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews and research into Spear’s entire Talent Acquisition process and department in order to identify gaps within their systems and provide actionable recommendations. TalenTrust identified inefficiency and lost opportunities within Spear’s recruitment process for physical therapists, in addition to a key finding that the Talent Acquisition department was understaffed and therefore did not have the capacity to achieve their hiring goals.


TalenTrust developed a prioritized plan for the additions needed to increase capacity of Spear’s talent acquisition team, including which new positions were needed, a revised division of responsibilities among the team, and how each team member would function within the department. But TalenTrust didn’t stop there...they provided a full assessment on every step of the talent acquisition process complete with step-by-step recommendations on how Spear could improve in each area. “Having experts come in and go through every facet of the talent acquisition department and give us a grade and let us know where we are at today, where we our gaps are, what great looks like, and then to have [the recommendations] written down in a booklet with steps to execute on has been the most pivotal thing about working with [TalenTrust],” says Kitzen.


Within weeks of first engaging with TalenTrust, Spear was able to grow their talent acquisition team by 75% to reach the capacity they needed to hire more physical therapy providers. In addition to growing their team effectively, they have also executed on TalenTrust’s other recommendations within the Talent Acquisition Audit including research on new TA technology, implementation of new lead generation strategies, streamlining candidate engagement processes, and so much more with TalenTrust’s guidance. As a result of the success Spear has seen with the Talent Acquisition Audit, they further engaged TalenTrust to support project management of their ongoing TA process improvements and to recruit for a key position within their talent acquisition team.

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