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Mead & Hunt


Mead & Hunt is a national, full-service architectural, engineering, planning, and construction services firm that has been serving markets for well over a century. The firm was established by hydroelectric and hydraulic engineer Daniel Mead in 1900. Since its founding, Mead & Hunt has grown significantly in size and diversity. The growth of the company has mirrored the changing markets of the country—as infrastructure needs expanded, so did we. Today, the firm employs more than 1,200 people, united in their vision to shape the future by putting people first. 


During a pivotal time of growth, Mead & Hunt found themselves without the proper recruiting people and tools in place to facilitate the growth they desired and needed to reach business goals. Mary McAdams, newly appointed Talent Acquisition Director at the time, knew she needed to build a strong team to support the organization, and quickly. Whether partnering with an agency, or hiring internally, Mead & Hunt was looking for likeminded, long-term success driven partners to help them grow. 


After previously utilizing other agencies, TalenTrust stood out. Our proven approach to hiring for longevity, culture fit, and skills, along with the close partnership we cultivate with clients, appealed to Mead & Hunt’s vision and growth goals. 


Since first engaging with Mead & Hunt, TalenTrust and the Mead & Hunt team have partnered together to fill positions in 6 of their 10 business units. What started out as an agreement to fill 1 or 2 positions, has grown to an ongoing partnership for continued business growth.  

According to McAdams, the process from first contact with TalenTrust’s Director of Enterprise Sales, Erin Dougan, to building relationships with Talent Acquisition Specialists Ashley Burtch and Lauren Haskell, has been a phenomenal experience. “The team really has taken every effort to understand our goals and needs, instead of sending resumes that don’t align with who we [Mead & Hunt] are” says McAdams.  

In addition to filling field roles, TalenTrust has also assisted in finding Mead & Hunt a recruiter to start building their Talent Acquisition team. According to McAdams, this new addition to the team is a great start to building a strong foundation. The ongoing partnership with TalenTrust doesn’t stop there, as McAdams believes the expertise on our team is invaluable to the niche roles Mead & Hunt hires for and will continue to fill as they grow.  

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