TalenTrust Hosts Talent & Culture Briefings

Please join us as TalenTrust CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw provides the latest information, expert insight, and actionable advice on the topics of talent and culture. TalenTrust has launched this new monthly Talent & Culture Briefing series in a short and fun format – just 20 minutes – with additional time for follow up Q&A. 

What’s Your People Puzzle?
June Talent & Culture Briefing
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Featuring a discussion about the prevalence and complexities of the “People Puzzle,” recommendations from the 2017 Hiring Guide, and an overview of new and comprehensive solutions from TalenTrust. Listen today.

Mind the Gap
July Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, July 6th
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Featuring advice on how to conduct a gap analysis on people and culture for your organization, recommendations from the 2017 Hiring Guide, plus predictions and trends for the 2nd half of 2017. Listen Here.

Attracting a Growth Mindset
August Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, August 3rd
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Featuring insight into a growth vs. fixed mindset and how to interview for this trait, plus recommendations from the 2017 Hiring Guide on boosting engagement. Listen Here.

Tools of the Trade
September Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, September 7th
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Featuring an overview of critical assessment tools and interview training for hiring managers, plus recommendations from the TalenTrust Hiring Guide on how to be both quick and careful in recruiting. Listen Here.

Recruitment. It’s a Sales Process
October Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, October 5Th.
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Featuring step-by-step advice on how to treat recruitment like an ongoing, strategic sales process, plus recommendations from the TalenTrust Hiring Guide on assessing, enhancing, and leveraging your brand as an employer. Listen Here.

Help Wanted: New National Report on How to Find & Develop Talent
November Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, November 9th
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Mid-size companies consistently report difficulties with talent management, including recruiting, hiring, and retention. Through surveys, focus groups, interviews, and case studies, the Brookings Institution and the National Center for the Middle Market have identified sources of these problems and outlined potential solutions. We’ll provide an overview of key findings in this new report, titled How To Find and Develop the Talent You Need to Grow.  Listen Here.

Millennials & More
December Talent & Culture Briefing
Thursday, December 7th
7:30-8AM (Mountain)
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Featuring tips on managing a multi-generation workforce, plus predictions and trends for the year ahead. Listen here.

“We got exactly what we wanted. We received a step-by-step analysis of our processes that outlined what we were doing, and explained how it could be improved. It was based on trusted best practices and credible sources. Ultimately, the work of TalenTrust went well beyond just analysis. It was solution-oriented, with realistic and appropriate recommendations.”

Oil & Gas Company Chief Human Resources Officer

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